I'm a born animal lover and was convinced when I was little that I would be a veterinarian. In kindergarten I was bitten by a chipmunk who I tried to save from my cat. Now I'm a designer. 

I'm a Boston girl living in Washington D.C. I'm a lover of all things quality. That goes for design, people, and experiences. I'm constantly gathering inspiration from travel, food, photography, Instagram, a thousand other websites, nature, people I love, the list goes on and on. I now primarily work in print design, but still dabble in digital from time to time. 

My newest venture is letterpress printing and I cannot get enough of it. It's almost like I've been reborn! The combination of design and craft is addicting. I love getting away from the screen every now and again to make something with my hands. You should try it.

That's one of the many reasons I have a love for design. You can learn a new part of design that can completely rock your world. It's boundless, it's ever changing, it's oh so fun.